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Every stage along the 'process' - before the proposal, proposal, grant preparation and project contains a specific set of tasks.

Below find the tasks identified for a Project Manager (Type 3). For an overvieww of the tasks for all three types please go to Tasks.

Before the proposal (A)

Task 1 A 3- Support funding strategy

Task 3 A 3- Advising on funding opportunities 

Task 5 A 3- Targeted networking

Proposal (B)

Task 1 B 3- Manage the (electronic) proposal submission

Task 2 B 3- Obtain internal approval and signature according to internal procedures

Task 3 B 3- Set up the budget 

Task 4 B 3- Decide on a methodology of the writing proces (deadlines, tools, division of labor, level of trust vs NDA,…)

Task 5 B 3- Write or revise the proposal content 

Grant preparation (C)

Task 1 C + 4 C 3- Manage the preparation and signature of the grant agreement

Task 2 C 3- Initiate and/or check internal setup of the project

Task 5 C 3- Managing the creation of a consortium agreement (always involve legal when possible)

Task 6 C 3- Communicating project success (internal and external) 

Project (D)

Task 1 D 3- Supporting financial and technical reporting 

Task 2 D 3- Consortium management 

Task 3 D 3- Communicating internal procedures 

Task 5 D 3- Contracts management and archiving

Task 6 D 3- Support for amendments of the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement

Task 7 D 3- Management and dissemination

Task 8 D 3- Liaison between the coordinator and the European Commission and the consortium