Task 7 B 1- Linking to information or advising on IP, ethics, open access and open data

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(both EC rules and national, internal rules)

Related skills and competences


Key Skills required to be able to effectively complete the task

  • Analytical - collect and interpret complex information
  • Analytical - determining requirements
  • Analytical - funders` guidelines
  • Analytical - identifying training need, target audience
  • Analytical - interpret complex information
  • Analytical - interpreting guidelines
  • Analytical - to assess ethics issues
  • Communication - briefing colleagues
  • Communication - conveying information clearly, presentation
  • Communication - preparing/commenting on proposal drafts
  • Communication - raising awareness of policies and processes
  • Interpersonal - advising academics
  • IT - producing graphs, spread sheets, recording outputs, Open Access
  • Training and Development - including coaching and mentoring


Key Competencies required to be able to effectively complete the task

Competence Detailed description
Role, development and history of the profession Provide an effective research support service that is cost-effective, "joined up" and "fit for purpose"
IP and licencing regulations, Liaison Supporting IP applying/sharing/selling process, collecting IP information, contracting
Research ethics and integrity Provide "up-to-date" information and help research staff and colleagues to comply with research ethics
Research ethics and integrity Develop strategy in relation to research ethics

Related content from BESTPRAC

Listed below are best practices (presentations, FAQs, etc.) shared during the BESTPRAC meetings, as well as external resources relevant for this task.
A given resource can be relevant for more than one task. For a list containing all documents (without task links) see here.


Financial Matters

Legal Aspects

Open Data/Open Access

Project Management

Proposal writing

Third Parties