Task 6 D 1- Support for amendments of the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement

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Subtask 1 - Facilitating, advising and getting sign-offs of contract amendments

Subtask 2 - Advise

Subtask 3 - Get signatures

Related skills and competences

Description of the Task

  • Facilitating, advising and getting sign-offs of contract amendments
  • Advise
  • Get signatures


Key Skills required to be able to effectively complete the task

  • Accuracy - attention to detail
  • Accuracy - checking data
  • Accuracy - data checking and proof reading
  • Administrative - logging and processing the contract
  • Analytical - standardising systems and processes
  • Analytical - to assess ethics issues
  • Analytical - understanding and applying UK/EU policy and employment law, and specific grant conditions
  • Analytical - understanding the requirements of audit and evidence required, interpreting findings
  • Analytical -understanding the impact of the contract on the institution
  • Communication - contract drafting, proposal development and drafting
  • Communication - conveying information clearly, presentation, drafting consultation responses
  • Communication - documenting systems and processes
  • Communication - drafting agreements that are acceptable to all parties, producing FAQs
  • Communication - drafting maps, communicating project outcomes
  • Communication - drafting policy, contributing to consultations
  • Communication - drafting policy, presenting internally and externally, preparing specifications for new systems
  • Communication - external and internal report writing
  • Communication - keeping clear records, briefing colleagues
  • Communication - preparing / commenting on proposal drafts
  • Communication - re-drafting the contract
  • Information Management - creating/maintaining records
  • Information management - keeping 'up to date'
  • Information management - maintaining partner contacts
  • Interpersonal - building relationships, listening to colleagues
  • Interpersonal - gathering and collating information, advising researchers
  • Interpersonal - liaising with academic and administrative staff
  • Interpersonal - listening to needs, building relationships
  • Interpersonal - managing relationships with colleagues
  • Negotiation - contracts, solutions, structuring deals etc.
  • Negotiation - re-negotiating contract or negotiating re. funding shortfall
  • Problem Solving - developing systems to meet changing requirements
  • Problem Solving - identifying and addressing issues
  • Problem solving - reaching a compromise
  • Self Management - working to tight deadlines
  • Self Management - workload management
  • Self Management -time management planning skills


Key Competencies required to be able to effectively complete the task

Competence Detailed description
Project contracting Monitor and manage regulatory and legal issues arising from the contract
Project contracting Develop institutional strategies and approaches relating to contracts
Project contracting Facilitate agreement and get sign-off of contracts
IP and licencing regulations, Liaison Supporting IP applying/sharing/selling process, collecting IP information, contracting

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Legal Aspects

Project Management