Task 6 B 1- General advising on legal aspects and providing organisational legal documents

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(Actual drafting by colleagues in the Legal Department)

Related skills and competences


Key Skills required to be able to effectively complete the task

  • Administrative - logging and processing the contract
  • Analytical - understanding and applying EU policy and employment law, and specific grant conditions
  • Analytical - understanding the impact of the contract on the institution
  • Communication - contract drafting, proposal development and drafting
  • Communication - re-drafting the contract
  • Negotiation - re-negotiating contract or negotiating refunding shortfall


Key Competencies required to be able to effectively complete the task

Competence Detailed description
National/international regulations Make recommendations in institutional acts, strategies and regulations making process to ensure compliance with national, regional and international ones

Related content from BESTPRAC

Listed below are best practices (presentations, FAQs, etc.) shared during the BESTPRAC meetings, as well as external resources relevant for this task.
A given resource can be relevant for more than one task. For a list containing all documents (without task links) see here.


Financial Matters

Legal Aspects