Task 4 A 1- Training

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Subtask 1 - Linking to proposal writing information or organisers of proposal writing training

Related skills and competences

Description of the Task

  • Linking to proposal writing information or organisers of proposal writing training
  • Identifying training providers for increasing grant success application
  • Identifying training needs of researchers
  • Identifying training opportunities for researchers to be disseminated to researchers
  • Collect and disseminate training opportunities
  • Organise info days, workshops and networking events with NCPs, other colleagues


Key Skills required to be able to effectively complete the task

  • Analysis - match to funders
  • Analytical - areas for improvement
  • Analytical - areas for improvement, assuring quality
  • Analytical - benchmarking, devising strategy
  • Analytical - evaluating systems
  • Analytical - identifying gaps in data, providing management information
  • Analytical - interpret complex information
  • Analytical - matching opportunities to institutional priorities, identifying need for Pock/development
  • Analytical - process design and delivery, designing measurement systems
  • Communication - conveying information clearly, presentation
  • Communication - preparing / commenting on proposal drafts
  • Communication - written and spoken
  • Communication - written and verbal briefing on Funding Council guidance
  • Communication -contributing to networks and promoting KE/KT
  • Horizon Scanning - monitoring external environment and changes required
  • Influencing - change in business practices across the Institution
  • Influencing - liaising with research leaders re. Policy adherence
  • Influencing- encouraging colleagues to meet deadlines and use systems/processes
  • Information Management - sorting and disseminating
  • Information Search - identifying funding trends
  • Interpersonal - liaising with academic and administrative staff
  • IT - capturing and recording data
  • IT - substantial experience of relevant systems and software
  • Networking - building relationships
  • Networking - to develop/maintain good relationships with funder/partners
  • Networking - to identify potential partners and share good practice
  • Training and Development - including coaching and mentoring
  • Training and Development - including event management


Key Competencies required to be able to effectively complete the task

Competence Detailed description
Information dissemination Develop systems and processes to collect and disseminate information; disseminate information
Information dissemination Develop strategies to maximise institution's success in securing research funding
Regional research landscape Develop research strategy in relation to regional strategies to maximise research funding and quality
Information dissemination Develop guidelines to collect and disseminate information; disseminate information
Identifying funding sources/opportunities for research Develop strategies to maximise the institution's success in securing research and knowledge exchange funding

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