Task 3 D 1- Communicating internal procedures

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Subtask 1 - To project manager and involved researchers

Subtask 2 - To other service units (finance, HR)

Related skills and competences

Description of the Task

  • Providing administrative support relating to:
    • Ethics application
    • Financial aspect
    • IP issues
    • Open access and open data issues
    • Dissemination
    • Reporting
    • Public procurement
    • Internal procedures
    • EC rules
    • Recording of staff time


Key Skills required to be able to effectively complete the task

  • Accuracy - attention to detail
  • Accuracy - checking figures and guidelines
  • Numeracy - applying costing model
  • Numeracy - costing post
  • Accuracy - checking data
  • Communication - external and internal report writing
  • Administrative - writing reports, taking minutes
  • Analytical - producing and checking reports
  • Communication - producing reports
  • Communication - report writing, conveying information clearly, presentation
  • Communication - written reports and verbal briefings
  • Communication -use of language in different contexts, reporting and presentation skills etc.
  • Influencing - ability to influence institutional staff and processes to ensure project finance requirements are met
  • Numeracy - costing and pricing, company finances, business plans, complex license stacking, share dilution etc


Key Competencies required to be able to effectively complete the task

Competence Detailed description
Project lifetime Project coordinating Co-ordinate project, which include supporting research team members, following the budget and writing reports, closeouts
Project financial management Monitor project spend and ensure compliance with funder's terms and conditions
Financial management of research institution Support financial management of research (incl. accounting, financial reports, budgeting)
Project lifetime Manage the process and ensure following of regulations
Project financial management Implement project finance systems and processes and monitor their effectiveness
Financial management of research institution Implement research finance, strategies, systems and processes and monitor their effectiveness
Project lifetime Develop strategies to maximise the institution's success in running projects
Project costing and pricing, cost sharing Develop costing and pricing strategies to maximise the institution's success in securing research funding
Project financial management Develop project finance systems and processes
Financial management of research institution Develop research finance strategies, systems and processes
Dissemination and Public Engagement/popularisation/ media Identify needs and possibilities for research dissemination and public engagement, support the process
Research marketing, promotion, commercialisation Identify the core research marketing initiatives undertaken by the university and key target markets; Identifying and understanding a client base; Supporting the process of research commercialisation
Research ethics and integrity Provide 'up-to-date' information and help research staff and colleagues to comply with research ethics
Documentation/Working with Information Systems Collect and collate documents, data and provide accessible reports to support institutional and local decision making
Collaboration/Networking Identify need and possibilities for collaboration and networking with other research institutions; collect and collate information of collaboration
IP and licencing regulations, Liaison Developing the system to follow the guidelines for IP and collect IP related information; analyze the information
Research ethics and integrity Maintain oversight of institutional research ethics processes and systems
Research ethics and integrity Develop strategy in relation to research ethics

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